How to access blocked sites by bypassing cyber censorship

Recently Indian government has directed ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) to block 1000+ websites that serve pornographic contents and also some other fair websites too which are legal at the global level.

sites blocked by government of India

sites blocked by the government of India

Actually, the Internet is open to everyone. I don’t think that it is a right of any government to decide that what is allowed to visit and whatnot.

Indian Government can only block the sites at ISP’s level as they are under the direct control of DoT(Department of Telecommunication) which is a department of Ministry of Communications Which is under the control of Government of India.

How we access a website which is allowed?

I have already discussed it in detail in the previous post of HTTP. Again I’m giving a brief information about it. And also about the role played by ISP’s in accessing a website.

Suppose a client request for a website named www.facebook.com to the web server. The web server serves the content of www.facebook.com which is requested by the client. Here ISP’s just provides internet by which this process takes place.

How ISP’s blocked the sites?

Internet censorship is very common in various countries across the globe and usually consists of ISP’s blocking access to particular domains or certain types of traffic. ISP simply rejects the request of the client if the requested website is illegal in that province.

How to access it? 

The Internet is open to everyone. You just need some knowledge to use it wisely and smartly.

Yes I’m talking about VPN service

VPN Service

VPN Service

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to browse and access the Internet without your ISP examining your traffic. It simply creates tunnel b/w  you and the VPN server shifted outside the province. Simply It creates a network which is yours. Sorry, not completely yours. YES, It is right that ISP can’t examine your traffic but the VPN service provider can easily trace your single of the data. So I request you to not to provide bank details and credit/debit card details while you are using VPN Service.

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