Before Discussing about GIT and GITHUB , Let me clear one thing i.e. GIT and GITHUB both are officially different thing just like BUS AND BUSTAND are, So Don’t be confused about the relation of Git and Github.

More technically Git is a revision control system, a tool to manage your source code history but these days it’s actually used for much more than that. While in the same place GitHub the service for projects that use Git. We will discuss it in more detail in our upcoming blog of GIT & GITHUB series. 

Basically, git is used for Version Control. Nowadays it’s not only used for versioning the codes and for collaborating with others. It is also used for deploying their codes from local machines to some staging server to some testing server and ultimately to productio. So definitely it has become an integral tool when comes to deploying the codes to the cloud. It is completely free and open source.

Now, let’s understand what is Version Control ?

Version Control is the management of changes to documents, computer programs, large websites and other collection of information. The whole journey of software development from the basic model to advance one is a step by step process after analyzing the feedback of users and correcting it & customizing it as per users need. Let us understand the Version Control System with the help of an example :

Version control system & It’s working:

Suppose we are working on a project of developing a website so in the earlier stage of development we have a single page i.e. INDEX.html but after some time we have two pages  1-> INDEX.html   2->TECBLUSH.html  ( by adding some photos and videos to that particular page().So here Version control system detects that something is modified and something has been created i.e a page TECBLUSH.html is created and some photos and videos are added into it. And suppose after few day owners of the site changed the layout of the site so again there is a change in INDEX.html page which has been detected by version control system and all these detections are in the form of Versions. Here version 1 of the website contains INDEX.html page and version 2 contain INDEX.html and TECBLUSH.html pages and version 3 contain same two pages with a bit of modification in INDEX.online page which has a new layout. So here three different versions of the same website can be observed at an instant. So you can go back to any of the previous version if you feel that the previous one is more stable than the current one so this is one of the benefits of Version Control System.

version contorl - git github

version control

We Will discuss the need of VCS (Version Control System) in our upcoming blog in more detail manner. Keep visiting -:


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