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Name plays a vital role in the identity of particular thing whether it’s a name of Place , Person, or any of the random thing. Here we are going to discuss about the two language Java & JavaScript. Both looks quite similar but the difference is as similar as Car and Carpet are different. Yes I’m talking about CAR & CARPET . There is nothing similar in Car and Carpet except the word CAR in both the name . Same is in the case of Java and JavaScript.

Both the language are completely different languages, both in concept as well as in design.

Java is an OOP programming language while Java Script is an OOP scripting language.

  • Java creates applications that run in a virtual machine or browser while JavaScript code is run on a browser only.
  • Java code needs to be compiled while JavaScript code are all in text.

Difference between Java and JavaScriptUSES

  1. JAVAJava is used for creating cross platform programs. Java enables Web page designers to include small applications (called applets) in Web pages. Specially it’s used for making android apps and more generally apps for android devices like mobilephones , TV , smart watches etc  It’s also used in your  IoT  powered devices . It,s also used for making web applications.Java is arguably the most powerful platform for server-side Web development today. From small Java programs (Servlets) that handle Web page requests to JavaServer Pages (JSPs) that combine HTML with custom tags and Java code, and even up to Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs), software components with sophisticated abilities to carry information seamlessly across servers and networks to accomodate distributed applications, Java is truly an amazing language technology. Java is renouned for its Write One, Run Anywhere (WORA) philosophy. <<Java takes a lot of work to learn. Don’t even start if you’re not serious about learning object oriented programming>>  
    the best reference website to learn Java is


    for more  official info about JAVA click here



JavaScript is used to program the behavior of web pages.

It allows you to make things happen in the user’s browser without sending messages back and forth to the server. Some other reasons are ->

sending a message to the server and getting a reply is a relatively long process: it is almost always a noticable time lag, and can take many seconds. Doing something directly in the browser can be much faster. So if, for example, you want to give the user an “invalid data” message of some sort, it can be much faster if it comes from Javascript.

In the same vein, with Javascript you can validate field-by-field rather than waiting until the user has completely filled out the screen and clicked a submit button.

For example, suppose you present the user with a screen where he’s supposed to enter transaction dates and monetary amounts. The user enters a whole screen full of these — maybe 20 or 30 transactions — and then clicks submit. If the user attempts to type dates in a format that you don’t recognize, say typing day/month/year when you expected year-month-day, then with Javascript you could give him an error on the first unrecognizable date. With a round trip to the server, he’d have typed in a whole screen-full of invalid dates before you tell him he’s doing it wrong.

<<In this case everything is up to you as  JavaScript is easy to learn. Any of the beginner  who have little bit basic knowledge of HTML can start easily >>

the best reference website to learn JavaScript is




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