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Jeff Bezos motivation

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos Motivation

As we all know that Jeff Preston Bezos is an American Entrepreneur. The worlds wealthiest person having net worths of approx 163 billion USD which is marginally larger than the combined GDP of many small countries. Jeff Bezos is now a source of motivation for youths as he started the journey of Amazon from a garage which now the world’s second most valuable company after Apple. Bezos is itself a source of motivation. But still, after a lot of surfing, I found a video which is a collection of his personal views and perception. So let’s grasp as much as possible in this 10 minutes.

Thanks for watching this video. Hope you had learned a lot.

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Aditya Kr. (Founder)


    • mind your own business. It’s not your duty to decide what should be there and what not. It’s my portal and my right. You are a bloody job seeker so go and get some job. I Don’t need.

  1. hey listen! This arrogance may break you one day.To reach a respected platform your character and mindset should change.The way you replied shows you still need a lot to improve.Who cares what someone says behind anyone.
    See how you wasted your energy in replying to a ordinary person.How you gonna face the whole world then.There will be millions to pull you down there.

    • I respect your opinion. I put that video because I’m a staunch follower of Jeff Bezos and this video is really an amazing one.
      The way of my comment was awkward because You commented from a wrong identity. I apologize. The line which hurt me the most is “Go get some job first

      • Dear Gaurav , You r right in your own way but there is a vision to everything ! And U have a different mindset related to job or anything so without having said just think a little about the other side ,about how other peron is thinking ! Well its good u read our blog . Do tell us if we can improve somewhere !Thanks

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